JoJo Georgiou – Professional Comedian.

I‘ve been doing the comedy circuit in London and the UK since 2009.
I was a stand up comedian in Texas back in the 90s, before moving onto Radio I had a morning talk show, where I managed to piss off a lot of people, well the ones that sent death threats. Everyone else adored me. By that I mean because they didn’t try to kill me they must have loved me…right?

I moved to the UK in 98 and took time off from doing stand up. Mostly cause no one could understand the words coming out of my mouth. I had to learn to talk English, English.

But continued to write and drive family and friends crazy with my antics.

Got back on the comedy horse a few years ago and I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love being on stage and making people laugh…it’s my Zen and drug of choice

In great demand as a headliner, Jojo Georgiou brings her own unique take on the world as she sees it.

“The Texas Tornado wreaks havoc on London. Not since Bush’s last out-of-town bender has there been so much lunacy and carnage. Sedated and disarmed, she still takes comedy hostages. Laugh at your own risk!” – TNT

“…Jojo has been on fire lately…she rocks!!” – (PAT MONAHAN).

“Very naughty when armed with microphone. You need to put seeing her on your bucket list”- We Love Comedy

One of many testimonials.

” Jojo Georgiou is known by many on The London Comedy Circuit as The Texas Tornado because she creates a whirlwind where ever she Performs…. Or it might be that she originates from Texas, USA.
With 100′s of gigs, open mic and pro gigs under her belt, Jojo Georgiou brings you a tirade of filthy, unspeakable depravity with a bite and acid tongued style, delivered in a way that makes you love her from the first word.” – Custard Chucker

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